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A skilled Tiefling wizard.
Stands at 6 feet 2 inches.
Weighs 200 pounds.
Has darker red skin and eyes then most of his kind due to his origin in Thay.
Educated in history, religion and the arcane arts.
Worships no god but himself.


In the ashen wastes of Thay, Szass Tam and his undead horde ruled the land with unimaginable cruelty. forcing all living peoples to be forced into slavery and eventually once they reached an age they were to be sacrificed to Szass Tam and serve as his undead denizens. Barakas, Then a nameless Tiefling slave was one such creature. Born into servitude to a renowned necromancer he was cursed upon his birth, the effects of the curse are unclear but the main purpose was to ensure that upon Barakas’ death he would rise again as a soulless, mindless litch only loyal to Szass. When Barakas learned of what would happen once he become of age he knew he must flee or die.

One night as his master slept, Barakas slipped into his masters chambers, took his staff and blasted him apart with magic missiles. He then fled leaving all things of his former life behind. The escape from Thay was excruciating, the horrors he witnessed upon his journey twisted his mind and tore at his soul. He slept not once while he fled from Thay, he only walked endlessly and onward until the end of his great flight was finally within view.

Sleep deprived, hungry, thirsty, cold and homeless but alive, Barakas finally found himself beyond the edges of the cursed land of Thay. While Shambling down a road he spied a caravan of wagons approaching his direction. At first he hid, but once he found that the caravaneers were human and that they possesed food and water. Barakas pleaded with one of the wagoners to give him just a bit of food and some water but they were not generous folk. They insulted Barakas and cast him aside, mocking his appearance. In his rage Barakas caused one of the lanterns in the wagon to erupt and engulf the wagon in flame. The inhabitants screamed in pain and horror as the fire cooked them alive. The other caravaneers watched with horrified faces, and the caravan guards gave chase to the now fleeing Barakas who managed to escape by hiding in the nearby woods.

Barakas now on the run from different people and for different reasons found himself at a tavern where he was able to impress an arcane mercenary band who took pity on him and allowed him to sign up under his newly assumed name of Barakas. Now a mercenary he was able to hone his craft and learn new skills. Aside from combat he was taught about the history of the land and its many religions and customs, something he took to quite well. But as his skills grew so did his lust for violence, so much so that even his own band began to fear his outbursts.

One night after a successful mission, The mercenary band set up camp in the woods to sleep. Barakas was awoken by a rustling sound and opened his eyes to find his comrades abandoning him and stealing his take. They had had enough of his violent tendencies and wanted him gone. Enraged Barakas forced his old allies into battle, eventually slaying them all. He took their supplies and money and left. He had no idea where he was going but he knew he had survived too much to die here. From that night on, each time he slept he experienced terrible nightmares. Tormenting dreams of The Nine Hells and Asmodeus` palace. He knew not if they were punishment or prophecy but he did know there was a reason they were there.

Eventually Barakas found himself as part of a small band of traveling adventurers, searching for fame and wealth. It offered gold, loot, companionship and adventure. He even found a way to vent his violent urges and even repress them for a time. He even managed to start his own guild of adventurers known as The Bastards. They grew in wealth and renown and were even toasted as heroes in battles far reaching. However when a Tiefling wizard from Thay named Farduk arrived to attempt to murder Barakas and failed. He had sparked a battle that would lead to an all out war with many casualties on both sides. This war rages to this day, and now more than ever Barakas can not shake the nightmares that plague him, or the feeling that his past may catch up to him, and he may not be able to survive it this time.


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