Raised by wolves, destined for war.


A gruff Shifter with a furry grey beard and hair, standing at around 5’ 10" and weighing 185 pounds.


Orphaned and alone, with no memory of his parents, Ash’s first memory is a peaceful one, following his adopted mother through the underbrush of the Coastal Mountains to a small meadow, filled with berry bushes. Ash was adopted by a family of wolves, a mother and her cub and she raised them both carefully, making sure that both the Razorclaw and the young wolf were fed and safe. Ash lived with his small family throughout his childhood and soon his mother started to ensure that he could watch the habits of the local hunters, to learn common tongue and the crafts that would keep Ash self-sustained.
Patiently constructing his own knife and bow, Ash began to hunt in the ways that he quietly observed the human hunters, while his adopted brother would chase prey and bring down larger wounded targets. Together the two became a proficient hunting team, journeying up and down the coastal mountains. Eventually Ash began to sell hides and furs in the trading villages and towns scattered throughout the mountains, he was careful, yet persistently personable, blundering through social conventions that he could not entirely understand, yet believing that his good-naturedness would make up for his gracelessness. The traders and hunters that he encountered took to taking the young shifter Ash, after the furry grey stubble across the hunters neck and chin.
Ash and Kafka continued to hunt and trade all through the mountains, becoming more and more infamous for the quality of goods and size of the beasts that they would hunt together. They were approached by farmers looking to get rid of bears or drakes on their land, and even took small contracts from an adventuring guild in Orifeil when looking for treasures or foes throughout the mountain passes. But despite the growing independence of the pair of hunters they always returned to the meadows in the Eastern foothills of the mountains, where their mother roamed in peace and quiet.
On one such return trip they found strange symbols drawn in blood throughout the meadow, and in the middle of the symbol a small hex-shaped bronze token. No sign of the pairs mother was to be seen except for the horrifying scene and the scent of her spilt blood. The two began searching the foothills for a corpse, or an enemy to avenge themselves upon, but they found none. As their search took the pair farther afield they learned that the hex token belonged to a specific clan of Warlocks known to roam through the mountains and the valley, and that in fact, these warlocks typically did not kill their prey, but bedeviled them and forced them under their will.
And so, Ash and Kafka ventured on, with gentle and trusting dispositions, but hardened and grieving hearts, looking for the mother that had been enslaved and yearning for the chance for revenge. Their quest took them ever further north and west, until one day they entered the city of Cotte…


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