The Prophecy of the Group

August 24st Session Recap

When we last left the group formerly known as Nameless, now seemingly called Machafuko, they were messing shit up in the sewers. Earlier in the day, at around 12th shadow, the group formerly known as nameless had made a quick getaway from their latest experiment in fire and things what burn as one of the city-watch on the hill fort had begun ringing the alarm bells and people could be seen in the distance converging on the smoking tower. However, before the escape, they took a long moment to figure out what their band of adventurers would be called, because the only thing more important than escaping the seen of a crime, is deciding upon what name will be on the wanted poster.

The group jumped into the 2 row boats which had been flipped over on the island. They lowered them into the water and floated downstream of the Etrien to a larger island which was connected to land by a bridge. The group remembered the note that they had found after Farduk had fled their earlier encounter, the reason they had come to Cotte in the first place. The note had a place and a time, attached to Hothion Maltandren’s name, and so… “Machafuko” trudged out of the water and off the bank of the island and made their way to the first round of the market.

While making their way through the market rounds towards the 6th round that the note had indicated. Drew was approached by a pair of rather greasy looking individuals who presented him with a thick stack of wanted posters that they had taken off the walls. Drew paid the men, and gave them his name, he indicated there could be more gold in it for them if they continued to help him out and the “lead” hobo, named Crutches, told Drew he could find him in a puddle somewhere or possibly facedown in the mud and proceeded to stumble into the crowd where he fell over and lay motionless for an unordinate amount of time.

The group eventually made it to the location indicated on the note and began waiting for something to happen. Before long, a group of men pushed their way through our adventurers, who noticed that some of their gold had gone missing. Half the group made chase and caught up to the men in an alley. While the other half continued waiting, and Xan read his music book. Barakas deftly used his mage hand to pick the pocket of the pick pocket, while the 3 others with him violently tackled the 3 other men. Ash wasted no time in pinning his man’s head to the ground with a point-blank arrow, and upon seeing such a barbarious act the other two men quickly stopped fighting back and began pleading instead. Drew, excited at the prospect of growing his underworld network, commissioned the men to find Crutches for him, even though he was likely on the ground where Drew had left him.

The crew who had been after the pick-pockets made it back to the market before the designated time, and waited again for about half a shadow, when a strange and shifty man approached Barakas and asked whether he was Farduk. Barakas was taken off gaurd, but decided to play along and in moments found himself passing through the misty passages of the sewer and into the lair of Hothion Maltandren who also asssumed that he was Farduk. Maltandren asked many questions and displayed patience truely uncommon in a rascist murderuous leader of a fascist organization while Barakas shot off his mouth with the skill of a bard, Hothion explained that he had helped Farduk, and now it was Farduk’s turn to repay him and help him purge the city and sewers of thieves. When asked how planned to help, Barakas’s deft words seemed to leave him and in the end his plan was just barely interesting enough to keep Hothion pleased, even with Castanza and Tahiquitz… help. Seeming less than satisfied, Hothion excused Barakas.

The group then decided that now was the time to kill Hothion Maltandren. They stormed into the sewer and killed the gaurds outside of Hothion’s room and were not discovered due the sounds of battle coming from elsewhere in the sewer. They then attempted to coax Hothion out of his room with little success, possibly due to Slappy’s half-hearted effort in his premier acting role as bait. The group gathered near the entrance to the sewer and waited for people to come rushing out, but only managed to capture a servant before alerting the gaurds inside to their presence.



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