The Prophecy of the Group

August 31st Session Recap

When we last left the group Machafuko, they had just cut the head off of the Height Supremacist operation in Cotte, by killing Hothion Maltandren, the Grand Sentinel.

What had started as a failed plan to lure Hothion and his gaurds into a firey trap, quickly turned into fullscale combat when Barakas summoned his Firey Sphere. The oil on the floor was ignited, but no enemies were within it. Xan, possibly enraged by this, possibly just exposing the untruth of his Good status once again, potentially just wishing to see someone burn, speared the captured slave on his halberd and with all his might flung her off down the sewer corridor where she met with the flaming sphere and fell to the ground consumed with fire. From a distance Barakas then saw a strange blue aura envelope his firey sphere before seemingly evaporating before the door to Hothion’s lair was slammed shut and metal bars locked into place.

With speed of mind and fingers Drew coated the door in black powder and retreated before Barakas firey sphere ignited the powder causing the sturdy wooden boards to turn to splinters and ash in an explosion which shook the walls around them. Barakas firey sphere pushed through the debris and melted the metal bars crossing the opening as it converged on Hothion and his gaurds who had retreated to a specific corner of the room. Drew and Xan, who had been near the doorway exchanged fire with some of the people within the room, dealing some hefty damage. Suddenly, Hothion’s armour began to glow bright blue, and an aura similar to the one Barakas had seen earlier, shot out and streaked across the sewer floor landing inbetween Xan and Drew, where a new firey sphere took shape. Knowing that steel and fire was no match for fire, they retreated, Xan going as far as to leave the battle all together.

In the mean time, Castanza, Tahiquitz, Ash, and Slappy had gone north down a different passage. After climbing over a Height Supremacist barricade made of stakes, stones, and bodies, they turned to the west and followed a winding corridor towards the increasing sounds of battle. Castanza was the first to come upon a skirmish within a broad area of the sewer between the Thieves and the Height Supremacists. He arrived just in time to confirm his suspicions. That Hothion and his crew had a secondary exit, and several of his gaurds and slaves came out of it right infront of Castanza and joined in the brawl. Not worried about finishing one battle before joining in another, Castanza gathered the others with him and they began to systematically widdle down the enemy forces. Hothion’s gaurds noticed this and quickly turned to face the new threat. One of hothion’s slaves jumped in the air and in a cyclone of movement and energy, transformed revealing itself as a changeling who promptly converged on Tahiquitz.

Hothion’s wizard meanwhile had captured Barakas’ firey sphere within some arcane shield, seperating Barakas from its vision and control. Drew and Barakas decided they had done enough from this angle. Barakas dispelled his firey sphere and joined Drew in running to meet up with the rest of Machafuko.

When they finally found their friends, they found them in a bad spot. Death was in the air, Height Supremacists and thieves had fallen, but so would several members of Machafuko, some more than once. The Height Supremacist wizards involved in the battle proved quite powerful and menaced the group for an intense period before their combined force of shurikens, arrows, & cleaves, bolstered now by Barakas’ counter-magic, was able to overcome them and the wizards fell back. These moments led to what some refer to as the golden age of cleaves, which Slappy participated in excitedly, and which seemed to coincide with the appearance of Hothion, and the last people from his lair into this battle. As if he did not truely know the limits of his strength, but was working to define them, Several times Slappy swung his axe so strongly through the air that he nearly took flight before it inevitably landed on or in someone, who on one occasion was completely vaporized, though no one knows how this was possible.

While Machafuko gained ground, so to did the Thieves, and eventually they met in the middle, all of their foes dispatched… except for Hothion who seemed to fade through the sewer, escaping even the most accurate of blows, while his firey sphere entered the battle field. Seemingly immune to melee attacks, Tahiquitz, Ash, and Barakas flung projectiles towards Hothion as he attemped to escape. He was obviously quite injured, but it was looking as though he might be able to disappear into the corridors of the sewer as his flaming sphere downed tahiquitz and pressured the others away. That was until Castanza, taking cues from Slappy’s strength, and Drew’s quick mind, with a determined sprint flung himself directly through a stone wall crashing in a torrent of dirt, grime, and bricks directly into Hothion’s path of escape. Barakas was able to get off a few more magic missiles before Slappy finished Hothion with a final cleave of his weapon.

With his last breaths, Hothion cursed Farduk, and revealed that Hothion’s men would attack Farduk’s initiates at Eudel.

The battle had barely ended when the group noticed a ground shaking rumble of feet running overhead and screams. Suddenly a blast of searing hot air cascaded through the grate and filled the sewer with smoke and mist. A deep roar and what sounded like the steady beat of a drum faded into the tumult.



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