The Prophecy of the Group

November 16th Recap

When we last left the Bastards they were competing against each other in a wondrous tournament for travelers, organized by an uniquely tall gnome named; Oliolio!

Their extraordinary day began tiresomely at the eighth shadow; with the consumption of a breakfast and the task of organizing a large amount of loot, which the Bastards had “located” within the village of Tersk.

Tersk had suffered critically the previous day; as it was used as Fardooks ambush point against the Bastards. Many of the villages’ residents had been slain in preparation for the attack and a large chunk of the village was left destroyed in the chaos of combat that took place in the village square.

The bastards, after their victory; had promptly searched the still standing buildings for any equipment that could assist them in their coming travels. They had determined that the previous owners no longer had a need for the equipment, and began to organize it amongst themselves. They loaded winter gear, sacks of apples and anything else they saw value in onto their newly acquired sled. Thanks to Ash’s bartering, the Bastards had acquired four new horses to add to their now comfortably large caravan. Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, Geldof, and Ned guided the great caravan north, six horses, one wolf and seven Bastards traveled up the forest path towards Iron Camp and the Threshold. Leaving behind Tersk and the Bastards very own fire cultist; who was promised a town to burn!

Late in the morning along their path, with a backdrop that faded from smoke and fire to leaf and trees; the company was greeted by a great light from the heavens that descended down upon their road. The light gave way to tall figure with a feathered hat and colourful flowing robes, whom introduced himself as; Oliolio, The founder, operator and general non-stopperator of the worlds only traveling tournament for travellers which he referred to as the traveling travelers tournament!

Oliolio explained that each member following the path north could be a participant in said tournament for travelers, and that upon signing the contract that appeared in each of their hands magically, they would venture forth to the grounds where they games would take place. Without reading the terms and conditions and with little hesitation many members of the Bastards signed their mark in hopes of winning the reward Oliolio had promised.

The gnome waited for the last signature and than teleported himself and the companions to the tournament grounds, where they were introduced to Bael a mysterious warlock whom Kafka and Ash had taken no liking to! Oliolio made a quick introduction and proceeded to explain the first of their trials. A talent show of sorts, where anything could be pulled into existence to assist them in their performance. A panel of three identical Oliolio’s would be there to judge each Bastard on their act. Barakas the wizard executed a stunning performance by balancing two apples and a flower on the head of Oliolio with the precision of a practiced surgeon he let loose an arcane missile which plucked the flower from the gnomes head. That performance and with a flourish of his own charisma and charm, landed him the lead position in the first trial of the traveling travelers tournament.

The state of the games progressed aggressively as each member came to the conclusion that they could mess with each other’s ability to complete the tasks to come. The task was to answer riddles as the stood atop a platform. Too many incorrect answers and they fell into combat, answer correctly and that member was awarded a point; and the riddles continued. Ash was the first to put the idea of sabotage into action; as he loosed a concussive arrow at Barakas’s feet deafening the wizard. The group descended into chaos… magic was slung, arrows were flung and everyone clung to the riddles that were spun. Bael was forced into combat by the bird Castanza who had used a form of ventriloquism to mimic the warlocks’ voice and answered incorrectly one too many times. Tahiquitz and Ash were able to answer two riddles each, even while defending themselves against their comrades. The two archers lead the score at the end of the riddle round.

Wiping the slate clean: Oliolio healed all damage that was done, removed the platforms and proceeded with the next event; a good ol fashion foot race. Continuing with the theme of harming each other’s chances of obtaining the promised prize the group quickly relapsed into their damaging behaviour. The race began and the finish line seemed to grow closer even though they hadn’t taken a step. Ash quickly fired another arrow at Barakas; hitting him in the leg, and the group… again… descended into chaos. Magic was slung, arrows were flung and everyone sprung for the finish. Castanza was the first to cross the end line after consuming a soul-less potion, a concoction which allowed him to sprint a much further distance and become invisible for a short period of time. The bird finished first, followed only shortly after by Ash and Tahiquitz.

They then were pitted against each other in a contest of carnage. Oliolio stated that the goal was to remove as many of his vermin from this mortal soil, the gnome summoned in a cluster of bewildered individuals, all of whom showed a look of concern by being surrounded by the armed group. Xan, Ash, Tahiquitz, Barakas and Metron all happily displayed their unique abilities of homicide. Bael took the form of Metron in an attempt to be acknowledged for the many kills made by the mighty Warforged, as Castanza attempted to save the few vermin that had wandered towards him; his attempts were quickly snuffed out as the lives of the people were snuffed out by Barakas’s missiles. The razorclaw, dragonborn and warforged all did their very best in removing the vermin from oliolios presence by killing five each. The gnome thanked them by rewarding each member a point for every person they killed.

When we last left the Bastards; Ash was leading with a score of sixteen, followed by Castanza with fourteen, Barakas and Tahiquitz tied with thirteen, Xan with twelve, Metron with ten and Bael tailing with six.

And the games continue…



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