The Prophecy of the Group

March 1st Recap

When we last left the bastards; they were fighting their way to lookout point, and most recently had divided themselves into two groups whose goals were vastly different. Metron, Barakas, Tahiquitz and Bael ran to the aid of Thresholds citizens, while Castanza and Ash, with selfish intentions agreed to “assist” a man in protecting his wealth from the Kobold horde.

Earlier that day: they had pushed into the market circle of Threshold from the entrance steps. Aiding the city’s remaining defence force. Kinda!
With the precision of what could only be described as toddlers in combat; the Bastards were able to defeat the Kobolds on the steps. The shear amount of attack attempts seemed to win that mornings battle. Eventually… strikes were landed… damage was done… and Kobolds were killed. And maybe… a few friendly fires occurred, but the battle was won!
Tired but ready to take on their next challenge; the Bastards gathered after the battle for the steps to take their next orders from Captain Pike, which was to take the high ground of the lookout and assess the Kobold positions and then relay that information back to the Captain, aiding in any way along the way.

Venturing through the residential district; the Bastards came upon a small party of Kobolds throwing bodies into a fountain and being instructed to do so by two of Farduk’s men.
(To be specific, one of the men was Caucasian and the other of a darker skin colour which would be best described as brown, but for those confused by the many brownish skin tones of the many different nations… then this particular man would be best described a black. Now I’m not saying that we should get into the habit of differentiating people by skin colour, or that a certain race should get more attention than the other. I’m just attempting to describe the two men, and create a way of well… differentiating between the two for the benefit of this recap.)

The Bastards approached the situation with surprising cunning and positioned themselves in the shadows around the Kobolds and prepared an offence. Their surprise attack was not met with success as they dashed from the shadows and were greeted by the full, front, of, a fifteen, foot, freshly, formed, fountain, flesh, freak, firing, forces, from, its forehead, forfeiting, focus, from, fiends, fleeing, frantically. Fighting, fiercely, the friends, focal-point, fixed, fully, forward, facing, the faction’s, ferocious, foe, finally, the fanatic, fowl, flourished… flinging, forth, the four, framed, flat, format. Felling, Frankenstein, from, further, fame!
Having defeated the flesh Golem, the Bastards turned their attention to the two magic users, one of whom (the black one) had his eyes painfully popped from his face and was still panicking as Barakas ended his life with several plunges of his bone dagger into the man’s chest.

The group pushed through the frightened and fleeing crowd as they moved upward towards the lookout point, an elderly lady pleaded for the group to help the citizens still attempting to escape the attacking Kobold, and a man whom looked of a wealthy background begged for the assistance of the group to move his valuables from his residence to a place of safety.

The group divided, the Warforged, Wizard, Warlock and Archer altruistically choose to rescue the fleeing residence of Threshold, Bael even going so far as willingly leaping towards the face of death to rescue innocence.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Ash and Castanza agreed to “assist” the wealthy man in hiding three valuable chests. With selfish thoughts the agreement quickly faded and was replaced with the goal of taking the valued goods for themselves. Knocking the man unconscious, binding his arms, legs, gagging him and blinding him they put him in a closet and with the hands of a practised surgeon Castanza attempted to pick the lock and was extremely surprised when it didn’t give. Disappointed the two slapped the elderly man awake and questioned him to the location of keys to open the locks.
When we last left the Bastards: they had divided into two groups, one of generosity and bravery, the other of misfortune and greed, what will happen next…



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